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What If? Kids #1:
Beyond the Attic

Join the incredible What If? Kids as they venture into the wonderful world of Gleesphere.

Join their incredible adventures when they find a large old brass key in their dusty attic. Feel their danger when they realise there is an invisible keyhole which they can unlock and slide through the portal to another world called Gleesphere.

What If? Kids #2:
Beyond the Flame Tree

Here come the What if? Kids on another amazing adventure.

 A lot of time has passed, and Gleesphere is being destroyed by their arch-enemy Hugo Sogo and his offsider purple haze. Be astounded by the What if? Kids heroic deeds to save Gleesphere as they fight many battles, meet old friends, and make new ones.

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What If? Kids #3:
Beyond the Shoreline

The What if? Kids are back on their third adventure!

With their magical powers they are trying to save the ocean beds and coral reefs of Gleesphere from being destroyed. Will they succeed? Follow our four heroes as they search for the hidden treasure of all treasures, battle underwater monsters and reunite with some old friends.

Young At Art

A practical guide to playbuilding for teachers with upper primary and secondary students.

Focusing on an area often neglected in traditional drama text books, the book covers the process of devising drama, and the teacher’s role in facilitating students collectively to become playwrights, actors, designers, directors and critics of their ensemble work.