The What If? Kids
Book Two: Beyond The Flame Tree

(Available Now!)

The What If? Kids
Book Two: Beyond The Flame Tree

(Out Now!)

Gleesphere is in Trouble....

 A lot of time has passed, and Gleesphere is being destroyed by their arch-enemy Hugo Sogo and his offsider purple haze.

Here come the What if? Kids on another amazing adventure. Just by thinking the magical words ‘What if?‘, they are propelled through a flame tree to the planet Gleesphere. But Gleesphere is in trouble.

Feel the menace in the air! Be astounded by the What if? Kids heroic deeds to save Gleesphere. Watch our four heroes, with their laser swords and flowing cloaks fight many battles, meet old friends, and make new ones.

So, get ready to go on another journey with nine-year old Juniper Chase who has been learning Brazilian ji-jitsu, his younger sister Dew who has been honing her astronaut skills, their joker stepbrother River who has taken up the drums and their cat Ludwick who has been doing a pussycat exercise course so he can become the most renowned pussycat warrior in Gleesphere.

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